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If you’re looking for an exciting, challenging, and fun activity, few things top an escape room. And if you want to play escape room in Gothenburg, you have plenty of options. There are many good facilities where you can have fun with friends, colleagues, and family. Put your thinking and problem-solving cap on and work with your teammates to complete the mission before time runs out. We guide you to Gothenburg’s best escape rooms.

Last updated: January 26, 2024

You’re locked in a room. Then, for a limited time (usually 60 minutes), you have to figure out mysteries, solve puzzles, and find clues to get out of the room before time runs out. Always with a helpful game master in the background if you get stuck.

Escape rooms, a both thrilling and pulse-raising concept, have spread like wildfire around the world. It’s no wonder. Anyone can play, it’s fun, and a group activity suitable for all ages. Whatever the occasion – bachelorette party, after work hangout or just a regular Thursday – room escape games are guaranteed to be a hit.

Find the right escape room in Gothenburg

The escape room trend is strong in Gothenburg as well, and there are now many first-class facilities where you and your party can have a fun experience. How about eliminating zombies, stealing diamonds, finding magical treasures, escaping from murderers, and hunting for rockets that could otherwise cause significant damage? Just to name a few exciting challenges.

But with so many great options, finding the right one is not always easy. To guide you through the escape game jungle, we’ve put together a guide to Gothenburg’s best escape rooms. Get the gang together, book a room, and have fun! (Many of the rooms are also available in English).







Paladia is an enchanted escape room that you can find in the city center, just a stone’s throw from Avenyn. Here, you step into an almost magical environment where it’s like entering a new world. The decor is extraordinary, and it is clear how much thought and care has gone into it. The owners spend a lot of time searching for unique and quirky furniture and items (often over 100 years old) at auctions and flea markets.

But the rooms are not only amazingly decorated but also fun to play. Paladia has two different rooms where the difficulty level can be varied if you want to play with the kids, for example. “Treasure in the Wand Factory” involves finding a treasure by correctly using the wands’ magic. In “The Last Dragon,” you enter the territory of a dragon tamer to find new dragons for the magician school. It’s exciting, atmospheric, and super fun.

And if you’re having a kickoff, after-work hangout, or conference with work, Paladia offers MiniEscape – a miniature escape room perfect for team building. It’s delivered to your workplace or a conference facility and is suitable for 16-200 participants.

Sten Sturegatan 4, City center
Escape rooms Gothenburg
Have fun with your friends at a thrilling escape room in Gothenburg

District Zero

If you want to play escape games in Hisingen, District Zero, located near Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen, is a safe bet. It has been around since 2017 and is a popular activity for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, or as a corporate team-building activity. Here, you can have fun together with thrilling and clever challenges that put you to the test.

This escape room in Gothenburg offers four rooms with different themes and levels of difficulty. You can choose between locating and deactivating a rocket in the fast-paced “Project Phoenix,” finding the cure for madness in a mental hospital in “Blackford Asylum,” escaping from a murderer in “Stone Creek Killer” or retrieving stolen submarine drawings in “The Lockhart Betrayal.” Afterward, take a team photo and have a post-game chat with coffee, beverages, and snacks.

Herkulesgatan 1L, Backaplan

Game Over

The city’s magnificent sports arena, Ullevi, offers not only high-quality concerts, football games, and events but also an excellent escape room, Game Over. Here, they’ve created a fantastic movie-like environment with puzzles and electronics where you can have fun with your group. The facility is part of a network of 500 escape rooms in over 100 cities worldwide. In other words, they know what an excellent escape game should look like.

Game Over has four interactive and exciting games full of challenges. You can discover a mysterious lost city in “Lost City of Atlantis,” defeat a madman in “Maniac,” explore an isolation ward after fighting zombies in “Walking Death,” or search for a powerful ancient artifact in “Haunted Mansion.” Choose your favorite, book online and – contrary to the name – let the game begin!

Ullevi, Levgrensvägen, City center





Gothenburg Escape Game

Gothenburg Escape Game is a popular place centrally located near the Gothenburg Cathedral where you and your team can throw yourself into exciting challenges where you creatively solve problems under time pressure. Groups of friends, families, and colleagues of all ages flock here to experience clever, well-made, and adrenaline-filled escape games in a fresh environment with friendly staff.

Gothenburg Escape Game offers five different cells. Steal a diamond from a bank in “The Bank Burglary” (available in two versions), defuse a bomb in “Primakov’s Bunker,” steal eggs to avoid dragon birth in “The Wizard’s School,” or find the secret ingredient that saves the restaurant from disaster when the Michelin Guide visits in “La Cucina.” As you can see, it’s almost impossible not to have fun here.

Hvitfeldtsgatan 9, City center


Close to the well-known Röda Sten in the area under the Älvsborg Bridge, you’ll find Berengaria. This is a popular escape room in Gothenburg with an atmospheric and adventurous environment. The high ambitions behind the amazingly detailed props are clear. It’s 1920s-themed, inspired by a theater experience in New York.

Berengaria has two different escape rooms. “The Great Diamond Heist,” suitable for fewer participants, is a spectacular and exciting Hollywood-style adventure where you must steal a coveted diamond before it gets into the wrong hands. For larger groups (up to 20 people), go for “The Last Museum,” an escape room in a 1920s hotel aboard a spaceship. Whatever you choose, you’re up for an incredible experience.

Sockerbruket 11, Majorna
Room escape games Gothenburg
You can find a lot of exciting escape games in Gothenburg

Prison Island

Prison Island in Mölndal is in a class of its own when it comes to size among the city’s escape rooms. There are 38 cells, and the gigantic facility offers not only classic escape games but also challenges that include obstacle courses, quizzes, and pentathlon-like endeavors. You’ll be doing multiple rooms, and no matter what your team is up to, cooperation and problem-solving are the keys.

Prison Island suits all ages, so you can bring your friends, family, and colleagues here. And if you’re looking for a fun and fast-paced activity, this amusing facility will raise the mood on any occasion – a friends’ hangout, bachelorette party, bachelor party, birthday celebration, family reunion, school activity, team building, or conference. You can choose to book just the games or go all in and book a package with a private room and food.

Åbäcksgatan 6A, Mölndal

Have fun at Gothenburg’s best escape rooms

There you have our guide to escape rooms in Gothenburg for those who want a fun experience with family, friends, or work colleagues. As you can see, the city has a really good selection of escape games.

So whether you’re looking for something fun to do at a bachelorette party, want to offer an exciting birthday celebration, raise the mood at the conference, or just have fun on a regular Wednesday, we hope you’ll find an escape room that suits you and your group. Have fun!