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Finding a spa in Gothenburg is easy. The city has plenty of spa facilities that’ll leave you both energized and relaxed. Whether you’re looking for a smaller resort or want to visit larger facilities with a broader offer, you can find a favorite. Hotel, bath, or wellness – in the heart of the city or close to the sea. Escape the stress of everyday life and treat yourself and a loved one to a moment of calm in one of Gothenburg’s lovely spa facilities.

Last updated: October 23, 2023

Find the right spa in Gothenburg

The word spa comes from the name of the old spa in Belgium, and the concept has spread like wildfire around the world. Including Gothenburg. There are many excellent places where you can set aside your daily routine and recharge your batteries with anything from a weekend at a spa hotel to a day spa visit.

To help you find the right spa in Gothenburg, we’ve put together a guide to the best facilities. So bring your partner, friends, or colleagues and pamper yourselves with luxurious treatments, soothing massages, and body and soul cleansing baths.






Pachanga Pool Club

In the heart of Gothenburg, with direct proximity to the city pulse, is Jacy’z Hotel & Resort – one of Sweden’s premier city resorts. The hotel is a major investment by ESS Group – not least in terms of the spa offer, which is unique in the city, to say the least. At the top of the 28-story skyscraper, you’ll find the Pachanga Pool Club. Just follow the music and fresh smells and you’ll find it.

The high-rise hotel’s Pachanga pool club fills not one but two floors with a luxurious and glittering atmosphere. It’s not a traditional spa but has taken its inspiration directly from the atmospheric clubs of Miami, combining poolside fun with drinks, food, and music. In the evening, the party atmosphere takes over, while there’s more focus on relaxation and treatments during the day. Choose between pool party and wellness – or why not go big and combine the two worlds? A spa as spectacular as this one is hard to find.

Jacy’s, Drakegatan 6, Centrum
Spa Göteborg
Pamper yourself at Gothenburg’s spas – Photo: Unsplash

Upper House Spa

Upper House Spa offers Scandinavian luxury at its best. Perhaps one of the most energizing spas in Gothenburg, it’s located on floors 18 and 19 of the stately Hotel Gothia Towers. The view of the city is outstanding from the tall central tower, which the facility makes the most of. Looking out over a vibrant Gothenburg in a relaxed environment is hard to beat.

Here, you can find your inner peace in the sauna, the pools, the experience showers, and the Turkish bath – also called hamam. And don’t miss the free-hanging glass pool that lets you look down on the city through its transparent glass floor. It’s Upper House Spa’s crown jewel, making it a unique experience. The facility also gives you access to a well-equipped gym, energizing yoga sessions, and soothing treatments.

This spa in Gothenburg welcomes hotel guests at Upper House and Gothia Towers, as well as visitors not staying at either hotel.

Mässans gata 24, Centrum

Sankt Jörgen Park

Sankt Jörgen Park’s spa and resort is located on Hisingen and is a lovely oasis for energy and peace of mind. Both Gothenburgers and temporary visitors come here to let their bodies and souls find a calmer pace. In short, to enjoy life and live a little more. The facility’s popularity is not least shown by all the awards and prizes it has received since its start in 2008, including the artistic building and interior.

At Sankt Jörgen Park, you will be well cared for. The marble ablution room is purifying and impressive. The duo beds remind you of the value of spending time with your loved ones. In the pool lounge, you can both swim and be massaged by the bubbles of the whirlpool. The outdoor hot spring gives you peace and strength. And to top it off, there is a wide range of wonderful skin treatments to enjoy. Book a weekend at the hotel with your partner or take your best friend to the day spa – you’ll have a fantastic time.

Knipplekullen 8–10, Hisingen






Since the 19th century, both Gothenburg residents and temporary guests have been able to relax and feel good at the historic Hagabadet. It’s the city’s oldest bathing facility, built in the classic Art Nouveau style, and here you’ll find everything you could want from a traditional spa – sauna baths, relaxation area, and spa treatments. You can also combine these relaxing activities with healthy swimming, water aerobics, and gym and yoga sessions. It’s extra special to swim in the spa’s legendary Ägget pool, where the history of the building is particularly evident.

When this bath and spa opened in 1876, the goal was clear – to help citizens get and stay healthy. The goal is the same now as it was then, and the opportunities to balance benefit and enjoyment are greater than ever with both indoor and outdoor relaxation areas. How about resting in the pleasant Forest Room with its unique and soothing forest atmosphere? Or let yourself be gently rocked to inner peace in the gentle rocking of the mindfulness chairs?

You should also ask the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Hagabadet for a guided tour of the romantic and well-equipped facility.

Södra Allégatan 3, Haga

Arken Hotel & Garden Spa

How about a spa in Gothenburg located on the cliffs by the city’s popular port? It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? But right out there on those weathered cliffs is the Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa. Although it feels like you’re miles away from the town hustle and bustle, it only takes 15 minutes to get here from the city center.

Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa combines nature with the influence of Japanese spas. There is something for everyone, and you can enjoy both sauna baths, soothing restrooms, hot baths, and pleasurable treatments. The facility has lovely oases indoors and outdoors, and you’re always close to the sea.

Among the many offers are half-day and full-day packages. You can also choose a longer stay – why not book an affordable and luxurious spa weekend with a loved one? Then you can also take the opportunity to eat in the restaurant, which offers high-class gastronomy based on organic and locally produced ingredients. And an extra plus in today’s stressful life is that the facility is completely mobile-free. In other words, no disturbing notification can interrupt the tranquility.

Oljevägen 100, Hisingen
Spa-anläggningar Göteborg
Gothenburg has plenty of excellent spa facilities – Photo: Unsplash


About 30 minutes from the center of Gothenburg is Stenungsbaden Yacht Club – a spa that takes you close to nature, the sea, and yourself. This spa hotel has chosen to focus extensively on spa and wellness. As it should be when you’re on the west coast, the sauna is an important element. There’s a complete sauna landscape, including a lovely sauna raft on the sea. Inside the hotel, you’re greeted by a wellness pool, a bubbling jacuzzi, and two hot springs. As made for looking out over the beautiful sea and feeling your energy returning.

The range of treatments at Stenungsbaden stands out. Here, you’ll find treatments that care for the whole body – from head to toe. The menu includes beauty care, skin analysis for personalized therapies and recommendations, nail care, and various types of massage. Children are also welcome during special times. Perfect for those who want to take the whole family on a nice spa break by the sea.

Södra Stenungsön, Stenungssund

Enjoy the best spas in Gothenburg

There you have our guide to spa in Gothenburg. We hope you find a facility that suits you and your loved ones. Allow yourself to relax, energize, and become the best version of yourself for a weekend or a moment. The Gothenburg spa offer is solid, extensive, high quality, and pleasurable. Now it’s time for you to pamper both body and soul!