The best Italian restaurants in Gothenburg

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Undoubtedly, Italian cuisine is close to the hearts of Gothenburgers. The range of Italian restaurants in Gothenburg is extensive and high-quality. Here, you’ll find everything from classic menus with antipasto, primo, secondo, and dolce to more modern restaurants with menus that dare to challenge the traditional. Immerse yourself in the Italian food culture, enjoy bronze-cut pasta, freshly baked pizza, and full-bodied wines in the true spirit of Lady and the Tramp.

Last updated: November 13, 2023

We have Italian cuisine to thank for many of our most beloved flavors and dishes. From the northern regions with creamy risotto, golden polenta, and copious amounts of butter to the south, where seafood, pasta, and olive oil dominate.
Few things taste as good as an authentic pasta bolognese, fresh insalata caprese with basil, tomatoes and olive oil, cheeses like mozzarella, parmesan and gorgonzola, and of course sweet tiramisu.

Find the right Italian restaurant in Gothenburg

Italian flavors are a common feature of Gothenburg’s restaurant scene. There are many lovely places around the city – from luxury restaurants to budget options – that offer Gothenburgers and tourists a high-quality taste experience from the boot-shaped Mediterranean country.

To help you find your way among all the gems, we’ve put together a guide to Gothenburg’s best Italian restaurants. Book a table or drop in spontaneously to enjoy fantastic cooking. Buon appetito!






La Cucina Italiana

Located near Korsvägen, La Cucina Italiana combines Italian tradition with modern innovation and fresh thinking. The menus are thoughtfully composed, seasonal, and change daily based on the availability of fresh ingredients. Here, it’s important to combine the guests’ experience with sustainability.

Whether you choose the menu of six, four, three, or vegetarian dishes, the dining experience is extraordinary. Many of the flavors are familiar but elevated to a new level that reflects the craftsmanship of the kitchen. Food and drink harmonize, and the staff is service-minded and knowledgeable. And if you’re lucky, the chef will come out of the kitchen to tell you more about the ideas behind the dishes. The familiar, oh-so-typically Italian atmosphere is undeniable.

It’s not surprising that La Cucina Italiana is a multiple-award winner. The food, wine, staff, and environment create an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re in Italy for real.

Skånegatan 33, Centrum
Italian restaurants in Gothenburg
Gothenburg has plenty of excellent Italian restaurants – Photo: Unsplash

La Strega

The trattoria La Strega in Vasastaden offers an authentic Italian experience where they want to show the breadth of Italian cuisine – that it’s so much more than just pizza and pasta. The primary source of inspiration for La Strega’s menu is northern Italy, the region’s cooking, ingredients, and holistic approach. The ever-changing menu consists of typical dishes that you would find in a good trattoria in Piedmont, Lombardy, or Veneto. Authentic flavors that are rustic and warming.

The keywords at La Strega are passion, simplicity, and authentic ingredients. The kitchen’s genuine, tasty, and sustainable food is matched with a wine list where only biodynamic, organic, or natural wines qualify. And, of course, the beverage selection also varies with the seasons.

The whole experience of being in an authentic Italian restaurant in the northern parts of Italy is enhanced by the handwritten chalkboard, the self-imported delicacies, the cozy decor, and not least the wonderful atmosphere. In summary, a complete restaurant experience and that La Strega has received the honorable distinction Ospitalità Italiana is hardly surprising.

Aschebergsgatan 23B, Vasastaden

Ristorante Bellora

In the middle of Gothenburg’s main boulevard, Avenyn, is the lovely trattoria Ristorante Bellora, housed in Hotel Bellora. Visiting this oasis is like diving into a romantic Italy from a bygone era. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – whatever time of day and whatever meal you and your party want to enjoy, the Italian family atmosphere is clear. The guests are buzzing, the wine is flowing, and everyone is toasting – not least on Saturdays when the restaurant’s popular Bellini Brunch is served.

The menu has several fixed dishes complemented by dishes that change from one day to the next. Many classics compete for space for snacks and starters, as well as pizzas, main courses, and desserts. Olives, charcuterie, and cheeses come directly from Italy. The Sicilian gourmet pizzas are made Neapolitan-style on sourdough and baked to perfection in the restaurant’s pizzaiolo – a classic stone oven that reaches 400 degrees. Of course, this Italian restaurant in Gothenburg has a nice selection of homemade pasta accompanied by both light and heavy sauces.

In short, Ristorante Bellora lives up to all expectations. Heavy red wines, slow-cooked tomato sauces, crispy pizza crusts, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Kungsportsavenyn 6, Centrum





Fontana Di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi has a good location on Kungsgatan in central Gothenburg, and the restaurant feels directly imported from the streets of Rome with all its charm, authenticity, and not least delicious food and drink. Familiar is a fitting description. Here, the whole family, or rather “la famiglia,” can feel welcomed and cared for. And that’s no surprise – the restaurant has been run by the same family since 1997.

The dishes are traditional and don’t disappoint. High-quality ingredients and a lot of passion are a winning concept. In summer, a lovely outdoor terrace adds to the feeling that you are actually in an Italian backyard while sipping an ice-cold grappa. The relatively small and intimate venue means the noise level is pleasant, and the wait staff can spoil their guests. Fontana di Trevi is a much-needed escape from the hectic pace of the city center.

Kungsgatan 6, Kungshöjd


At Magazzino, the goal is simple but brilliant. To give guests a dining experience that makes them want to come back – again, again, and again. And after one visit, you’ll want to return to this classic Italian restaurant in Gothenburg. The ambition is for the ingredients, quality, and service to have the same high level and for no one to leave hungry or disappointed.

The menu at Magazzino is traditional in both structure and content. Pre-dinner drinks and snacks are followed by what is described as “a mix of typical Italian antipasti.” I Primi, I Secondi, but above all, the pizzas will make your taste buds dance. And let’s not forget I Gelati – the ice cream which, with its slightly more compact texture, is a taste sensation. Everything prepared with the finest ingredients.

The location of this modern Italian restaurant on Magasinsgatan, a street known for its many restaurants, adds to the pressure for quality. But that’s hardly a problem for this almost Lady and the Tramp-like gem.

Magasingatan 3, Centrum
Italian food
Pizza is many people’s favorite Italian food – Photo: Unsplash


Allora certainly stands out a bit here in Sweden, but their concept is a common sight in Italy. A hole in the wall that, at first glance, doesn’t seem particularly remarkable. But this small Italian espresso and aperitivo bar in central Gothenburg offers authentic Italian flavors at their best.

Whether you’re looking for really good coffee, to catch up with colleagues over drinks, or a simple but delicious lunch, Allora delivers beyond expectations. Nicely balanced salads, light pasta dishes, or grilled sandwiches will put anyone in a good mood. And well-crafted cocktails make you feel like you’re in the middle of the boot-shaped country. The regulars at this gem are many, but there are also plenty of new curious guests who have heard about this unpretentious and often wonderfully atmospheric Mediterranean oasis.

The biggest highlight, however, is the coffee that has made Allora a name on the lips of many Gothenburgers. A more cozy and genuine espresso bar than this is hard to find.

Kaserntorget 7, Centrum

Enjoy delicious food and drink at Gothenburg’s best Italian restaurants

There you have our guide to Gothenburg’s best Italian restaurants. We hope you’ll find your favorite, whether you’re looking for a quick lunch in a hurry, a memorable three-course dinner, a romantic date night, or a cozy family meal. Because Italian gastronomy, built on great ingredients and skilled food craftsmanship, has something for everyone.